Dr. Damir Mukhamadiev
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Damir Mukhamadiev
Dentist, surgeon, implantologist, maxillofacial surgeon
Dr. med.dent., MSc. in Oral Implantology, Frankfurt University
Academic tutor in “Master of Oral Implantology” Program Frankfurt University
EAO-Certified in Implant-Therapy
Diplomate ICOI-Certified
About me
A professional journey of 24 long years
My medical career began in 1998 when I graduated with honors from Bashkir State Medical University with a degree in Dentistry. After that, I continued my studies in Germany.

I completed a 4-year postgraduate Residency Program majoring in Dental Surgery at the German dental clinic (Heidelberg University Head Hospital, Germany)

Then, I succeeded in the German state examination in 2005 and was conferred the title of Board Certified Oral Surgeon (Baden-Wuerttemberg Zahnaerztekammer (ZAK), Germany).
In the same year, I received the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (Heidelberg University, Germany).
In 2015, I completed my 2-year training as part of the Master's program in "Dental Implantology" (Master of Oral Implantology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany).

In the same year, the leading European implant dentistry organization EAO http://www.eao.org handed me a prestigious certificate confirming a high level of academic knowledge and skills in this field.

In August 2016, I became a Fellow ICOI - Certified.
Since then, I have been an Academic tutor in “MOI” program at Frankfurt University.
In 2018, I became a Diplomate ICOI (DICOI) - an expert in Oral Implantology.
Since 2018, I have been conducting private educational courses online and offline, which have been attended by more than 3,000 doctors. You can find more information about them in the “Educational courses” section.
My works
Teaching Experience
Master of Bone Augmentation. Workshop. Organizer
Master of Bone Augmentation. Workshop. Organizer
Master of Bone Augmentation. Workshop. Organizer
Master of Bone Augmentation. Workshop. Organizer
Practical Conference of Implantologists in Vladivostok-2021
Upenn. Online-Lecture. “Autogenous-only” Concept in Dental Practice
Bachelor's degree in Implantology. Workshop. Organizer
Bone Experts Congress. Speaker
Master of Bone Augmentation. Workshop. Organizer
Graduate of Goethe University. Alumni and speaker
Bone Augmentation Workshop. USA. Speaker
St. Petersburg Implantology Congress. Speaker
World congress Dentsply-Sirona. Speaker
Biological bone augmentation concept. Dentsply Sirona. Advanced course
Master of Bone Augmentation. Workshop
International Implantology Congress in Warschau. Main Speaker
Advanced dentistry course on Bone Augmentation in Moscow. Speaker
MOI Congress in Frankfurt. Keynote Speaker
World congress Dentsply-Sirona 2017
Advanced dentistry course on Bone Augmentation in Nizhniy-Novgorod. Speaker
Advanced dentistry course in Pakistan. Speaker
Advanced dentistry course on Bone Augmentation in Tver. Speaker
Educational courses
At a certain career stage, I realized that I wanted to transfer my knowledge and experience to other colleagues.

My teaching career began as an Academic tutor in the Postgraduate Study Program “Master of Oral Implantology (MOI)”.

So, since 2016, I have been helping students defend their diplomas, conducting lectures and seminars, and being a research supervisor.
And since 2018, I have also been conducting private educational events. I’ve been teaching in my online and offline courses: I conduct webinars, LIVE surgeries online, and face-to-face workshops.
My Best Courses:
The course “From Dentist to Implantologist”, where I teach doctors to place their first implants and help them to improve their skills if they already have some experience
The course “Vertical augmentation" - for experienced implantologists.
Face-to-face workshops covering various areas and levels of training.
More than 3,000 doctors from all over the world have been trained so far. Below you can see photos from the courses.
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About me
My works
Teaching Experience
Educational Courses